Bibtex Citations Gitbook Plugin

This plugins requires gitbook >=2.0.0.


Add this to your book.json, then run gitbook install:

    "plugins": ["bibtex-cite"]


The plugin expects a literature.bib file in your books root folder. You can use the bibtex keys defined within the file to reference the literature.

Your references can also include a URL key which whill be used on the title of an article. For instance, your literature.bib file could look like this:

  TITLE = {The Rights of Christ according to the principles and doctrines of the Children of Peace},
  AUTHOR = {Willson, David},
  YEAR = {1815},
  URL = {}

  TITLE = {The Late War between the United States and Great Britain},
  AUTHOR = {Hunt, Gilbert J.},
  YEAR = {1816},
  URL = {}

Then, when you want to cite the reference to The Late War in the bib file, use the following in the content of a page:

{{ "TLW" | cite }}

You can also add a table of references with:

{% references %} {% endreferences %}

(For example, you could put that at the bottom of each page).

Only used literature is included in the table of references. They are ordered by the usage within the text.


The plugin currently only supports IEEE referencing style. Feel free to submit pull requests to add additional styles.


Latest: 1.1.0

1.0.0, 1.1.0,


1.1.0 >2.x.x


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