GitBook plugin: Insert logo link

NPM package here

npm i gitbook-plugin-insert-logo-link

The following plugin inserts a logo link into the navigation bar (above the summary and above the search input). Simply, drop a logo.png file into the root folder of your GitBook and add this plugin into your book.json:

    "plugins": ["insert-logo-link", "another plugin 1", "another plugin 2"]

You will also need to provide src for the logo and the href for the link url. The src can be local file, a remote URL, or base64 hash. Add the src and url into the plugin configuration in your book.json:

    "plugins": ["insert-logo-link", "another plugin 1", "another plugin 2"],
    "pluginsConfig": {
        "insert-logo-link": {
            "src": "/my-logo.png",
            url: "http://example"


Setting Description Type Allowed values
src Image String
default = http://examples/logo.png
url Logo URL String
default = http://examples


Gitbook plugin to inserts a logo wrapped in a link

Latest: 1.0.1

0.0.1, 1.0.0, 1.0.1,


1.0.1 >1.x.x


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